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Goulds HT 3196 i FRAME HighTemperature Process Pumps

Goulds HT 3196 iFRAME HighTemperature Process Pumps Product Description Goulds HT 3196 iFRAME is specifically designed for superior performance for high temperature applications in the chemical industry.

How To Choose a Roughing/Backing Pump for the Turbo and

The pump has to, first, rough pump the chamber from atmospheric pressure to a low enough pressure to allow the high vacuum pump to operate, and then it has to revert to a secondary position where it supports the high vacuum pump by providing a low enough

Pumping High Temperature Liquids Pump School

temperature range. For this reason, Nitralloy pins are used for high temperature applications beyond 450176;F (230176;C). Dimensional change due to thermal expansion plays an enhanced role on two fronts. 1) Clearances in the pump are critical to pump operation and maximum efficiency. Heat causes the metal parts to expand, decreasing the internal clearances.

High and Ultra High Vacuum Systems vacuumcursus.nl

High and Ultra High Vacuum Systems Presented by Chad Folkman amp; Scott Rutherford. Overview zHigh Vacuum zConcerns Temperature Time. UHV Diffusion zGas load contributions by diffusion are similar to Roughing Pump Speed 10l/s

Process amp; High Temperature Metallic Pumps Dean Pump174;

Dean Pump174; Air Cooled High Temperature Pumps. A complete line of horizontal and vertical air cooled hot oil and hot water pumps for high temperature heat transfer applications.

Chapter 11 Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps Las Positas College

Chapter 11 Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps 11.4 Parallel and series operation of cryosorption roughing pumps will produce very different pump down curves. For the vacuum system pictured in attained using a high vacuum pump such as a diffusion pump or a turbomolecular

Applications High Temperature Pumps

Applications Suitable for plastics, chemicals, food and processing industries which require pumping of high temperature fluids. ANSI Process Pumps End Suction Truflo's DAP series of pumps are built to the ANSI B73.1M specifications to accommodate the very corrosive and erosive conditions of the chemical process industry.

Compact Dry Roughing Pumps from Terra Universal

Note These pumps are designed for inert gas pumping and should not be used for applications where the pump will be exposed to high water vapor, particles, corrosive chemistries, or solvents.

High Temperature Pumps AxFlow

Nearly every catagory of pump offered by AxFlow have high temperature models. Because of our wide product range and expertise in the field of fluid transfer, we are able to offer high temperature pumps able to cope with the most corrosive of liquids and those with low viscosities.

High Temperature Pumps AxFlow

Nearly every catagory of pump offered by AxFlow have high temperature models. Because of our wide product range and expertise in the field of fluid transfer, we are able to offer high temperature pumps able to cope with the most corrosive of liquids and those with low viscosities.

Pumping High Temperature Liquids Pump School

Selection A 316 stainless steel pump with high temperature carbon graphite bushings, extra clearance, and high temperature grease. The pump will have the jacketed head feature. The pump will have the jacketed head feature.

Dry Roughing Pumps from Terra Universal

These Dry Roughing Pumps are extensively field proven and provide clean, lowmaintenance, reliable operation in laboratories and cleanrooms. Their compact design allows for

Sump Pumps / Systems

1/4 hp Cast Iron Sump Pump 1/4 hp. 11/2quot; Discharge 1/4quot; Solids Handling One of the most advanced 1/4 hp sump pumps available, Liberty's 240series features a unique onepiece cast iron housing with peripheral port suction. This design eliminates the motor seal ring

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. The first vacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Otto von Guericke, Often, all of the surfaces exposed to the vacuum must be baked at high temperature to drive off adsorbed gases.

Products ASI Pumps HPLC and UHPLC Pumps High

High Temperature Pumps. Model 520G High Temperature Pumps allow operation up to 100176;C and 4,000 PSI (2,000 PSI for SemiPrep flow) and have all of the other features of the M520G pumps.

Roughing pump

A roughing pump is any vacuum pump (typically mechanical) used to initially evacuate a vacuum system, as a first stage towards achieving high vacuum or ultra high vacuum. The term quot;roughing pumpquot; derives from the vacuum range it works in, quot;rough vacuumquot;, above 1x10 3 torr (0.1 Pa).

Submersible Pumps for High Temperature Liquids TSURUMI

Tsurumi manufactures submersible pumps to handle liquids up to 90176;C. Many are already in service at sites that need to discharge high temperature liquids, including industrial wastewater from power plants and steel mills, and hot spring discharge from mines in volcanic zones.

Adixen ACP Compact Dry Roughing Pumps sisweb

Adixen ACP Compact Dry Roughing Pumps. The pump is designed for applications that require pumping of clean (dustfree) and noncorrosive gases. High reliability Adixens expertise of dry multistage Roots pumps provides high reliability and ability to use in the most demanding applications


Sorption pumps are a type of cryopump that is often used as roughing pumps to reduce pressures from the range of atmospheric to on the order of 0.1 Pa (10 3 Torr), while lower pressures are achieved using a finishing pump (see vacuum).

High Temperature Pumps Categories Giant Pumps

Home / High Temperature Pumps While all pumps can handle a certain degree of high temperature, some pumps are specifically designed to withstand the extra high temperature found in some fluid solutions in applications, such as carpet cleaning, boiler feed, hotwater pressure washers and other industrial high temperature applications.

HighTemperature Products Pumps

High temperature liquids place extraordinary demands on system components, especially the pump. Premature pump failure can lead to production downtime, added maintenance costs, damaged final product and increased personnel hazards.

Extreme Temperature Valves High Pressure Company

Extreme Temperature Valves Proven designs for the challenges of moving specialty gases Gases like nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen present unique challenges that demand special gas handling components.

3000 Series High Temperature Pumps Zoeller Pump Company

A high temperature, submersible pump series with electrical components meeting the National Electrical Code requirements for 200 176;F (93 176;C)

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Oil Diffusion Pumps

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Oil Diffusion Pumps . Solution Note. where they are pumped away by a roughing pump. The effect of Cooling water is too cold Check temperature Cooling water flow is too high Adjust water flow High forepressure Check for leak in foreline, poor mechanical pump

Pump Classifications Technical Notes Lesker

Rough vane pumps are used primarily as backing pumps for roots or highvacuum gas transfer pumps such as turbomolecular and diffusion in all vacuum applications. Coarse vane pumps are used in freeze drying, vacuum filtering, vacuum impregnation, materials

Diffusion Pumps mtminc

Usually a single pump performs both roughing and backing functions with valves to switch between the two operations. This pump is often a rotary vane pump. Some of the fluids have vapor pressures as low as 1010 Torr at room temperature. whenever we utilize a diffusion pump for high

Cryogenic Trap for Roughing Pump Line Inline Trap Vacuum

This is a roughing pump line cryogenic trap designed to remove water and oil from vacuum pump line. It reduces roughing time and enables clean vacuum pumping. helps to improve equipment utilization, increase yield, and reduce energy consumption and maintenance cost. V080LT Highgrade version with enhanced temperature control and external

Control Systems for Thermal Vacuum Chambers

of 20176;C and a high temperature limit of 40176;C. To test the failsafe, the control temperature was first set to a temperature lower than the low temperature limit (20176;C) to engage the failsafe.

Vacuum Roughing Pumps Products amp; Suppliers GlobalSpec

especially suitable for use as vacuum roughing pumps used to pump down turbomolecular pumps. Because the compression chamber is hermetically sealed from the drive mechanism of the pump , the medium being handled remains uncontaminated.

Roughing pump in highvacuum furnaces for beginners 1

Roughing pump in highvacuum furnaces for beginners 2. A malfunction in the vacuum system? It may be caused by the pumping unit. Here are some concrete tips to deal with the roughing pump operation.