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Ram Babu’s Paratha Bhandar is the success story of Ram Babu who started this business – selling parathas 60 years back. A story which is now part of the folklore of Agra. Today , Ram Babu is no more. The paratha business ,now run by Ram Babu’s brother , Harishankar Khandelwal and his three sons- - Kamal, Sarvesh and Bablu –continues to flourish. Read more...

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Rambabu parathe wala at belan ganj is famous for his parathe with Delicious curries and Parathas..You can see people eating the same from 12 in noon and it lasts at 11 in night.The main and staple diet of the people would be paratha and roti with pulses and different curry. Aaloo Paratha,Panner Paratha,Laccha Paratha and Mix veg Paratha are the best in the menu. Read more...

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We explore all avenues of Catering Services to serve our guests. With dedicated professional and fully integrated expert master chefs specializing in cooking authentic Indian food, we provide Outdoor Catering Services to organize all types of functions including Weddings, Corporate Dinners and Special Birthday Parties. Read more...

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The City of the Taj Mahal was the imperial capital before Shahjahan shifted it to Delhi and the gourmet of the city takes as much pride in their culinary heritage as in the majestic monuments. Blissfully their is a wonderful Paratha and Chat. The Paratha without any parat but delightfully stuffed with a variety of fillings at Rambabu Paratha Bhandar in Belanganj, Agra. We 'BAKE' this plethora of breads on a slightly convex tawa which weight all of 30 kilos and merrily 'Soaks' up oddles of desi ghee to make every disc equally scrumptious.

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