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Ram Babu’s Paratha Bhandar is the success story of Ram Babu who started this business – selling parathas 60 years back. A story which is now part of the folklore of Agra.
Today , Ram Babu is no more. The paratha business ,now run by Ram Babu’s brother , Harishankar Khandelwal and his three sons- - Kamal, Sarvesh and Bablu –continues to flourish.
A bright wall painting in Paratha Bhandar claims – ‘Paratha King for 50 years’. This one product shop offers a fascinating nine varieties of Parathas –plain, potato, peas, cheese, cauliflower, methi, currants, radish and dal.
Each paratha weights 300 gms and is served with unlimited quantities of dal, vegetable, pickle and chutney. The shop also serves curd butter milk and kheer.

“The popularity of Ram Babu’s parathas began way back in 1931. At his ice shop, Ram Babu was counting the day’s earnings – it was 3 PM and he had made 10 annas.
Ram Babu walked away, crestfallen. He went to a grocer and bought some wheat, flour, ghee and salt for two annas and made some parathas for himself.
Soon, Ram Babu found himself making parathas for the kids every day. He also began experimenting with new variations using potatoes and cauliflower as stuffing for the parathas.
Today, restaurant still sells parathas although the customer profile differs vastly. “Foreigners new comprise 25 percent of the clientele domestic tourists about 40 to 50 percent and local residents, the rest,” says Harishankar Khandelwal the king of the paratha empire.
Each paratha, inclusive of the other items served, costs Rs 120 to 250 today. Says Harishankar Khandelwal, “ Ram Babu priced a paratha at one anna sixty years ago so that even a poor man could afford it.
Daily sales are estimated at around 400 parathas peaking to 600 during the tourist season. A remarkable story which could make the MBAs, McDonalds, Pizza Kings sit up and take notice.